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27 January 13

Q & A: January 27th, 2013

chrissy—chan asked:
May I ask what you made your Cassandra Cain mask out of? ^_^

Craft foam and elastic!

weareallaverage asked:
Have you ever cosplayed zatanna? Would you?

I’ve only put together a closet cosplay of her (on accident) and I coordinated an outfit inspired by her (on purpose) a couple years ago. I would love to cosplay Zee one of these days though!

missmayadler asked:
Where did you get your Catwoman watch? :)


this-isthestoryofagirl asked:
Hey! Have to say, I love your blog! Besides that, I was wondering if you knew anywhere to buy/had seen any comic book related iPhone cases (that don’t cost my soul?) Thanks a lot!

I’m not sure what your budget is for an iPhone case, but I usually get my cases for pretty cheap on eBay. Your local comic shop may also carry some cool DC/Marvel cases as well.

diylobotomy asked:
Your Batman sweater is DIVINE! Where did you get it?

eBay (the proud sponsor of FTFCS (lies))

lesbiansalltheway asked:
Hi, can you tell me where i could find a batman bra? ive been wanting one for so long

I’m not sure if any of the retailers that I previously featured are still selling Batman bras, but check out the lingerie tag in the Style Index :)

int3rr0bang asked:
About the superhero iphone cases, do you have any idea which stores will carry them? :)

Call your local comic shop and ask if they will be selling the DC/Marvel iPhone Chara Covers :)

comicspopetc asked you:
Heyo fashion tip, comic strip. Do you know anywhere where they sell geeky snapback caps? Thanks,

I’ve spotted some comic snapbacks at Lids occasionally, and Mishka NYC currently has some sick Harvey Comics snapbacks.

press-start-to-join asked:
Will you take me a comic con with you??

If you can shrink yourself to fit in my purse, then sure!

evolve-yourself asked:
Would you sell any of your costumes? :)

One day, perhaps~ I don’t think my costumes are constructed well enough to be sold for much, to be honest :-/

Anonymous asked:
Who takes the pictures of you at the comic book store?

Robbins Studios!

Anonymous asked:
Betty, do you have any other major fan interests outside of comics?

Many, but currently, I’m all about Gravity Falls, Lord of the Rings, Phoenix Wright, Disney stuff, and One Direction (ha ha ha).

chrisgrav3s asked:
you should be a super villain and you have a ‘fashion gun’ that fixes fashion victims

Yes, I fully approve of this plan.

However, wouldn’t that make me a superhero? :)


Send all comics/fashion-related inquiries HERE and feel free to check out all previous inquiries & responses in the q and a tag.

4 September 12

Q & A: September 4th, 2012

komradekrisis asked:
Favourites! Fashion designer, superhero, comics company, and colour c:

Favorite fashion designer: Luella Bartley, Jeremy Scott, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.
Favorite superhero: Batman
Favorite comics publisher: I’m a DC girl at heart, though I’ve been reading a fair amount of Marvel and Image lately.
Favorite color: It really depends on my mood and on the context!

superheroeswearingjackets asked:
Have you ever designed a cosplay costume from scratch? Like, created your own character and dressed as that? I know that’s sort of not the point of cosplaying, but I think it’d be neat if it was a more common thing.

I’ve never cosplayed a character that I’ve created and designed myself, however I do have a few design ideas for an original Betty Felon superhero costume that I would love to fully conceptualize and create at some point. At previous conventions, I’ve encountered a handful of cosplayers who dress up as their own original characters. It’s a great way to expand your costume choices outside of preexisting characters, as well as guaranteeing that no one else will be cosplaying the same character.

the42towels asked:
Where did you find those amazing Booster Gold and Blue Beetle pins and in general, where do you find cool comic related accessories? I can never find anything like that unless someone direct links me to the store

I commissioned the Skeets and BB scarab brooches from an artist who works with laser-cut acrylic artwork; you can probably commission something similar via Etsy Alchemy Requests. As for comic-related accessories, check out the artist alley at conventions, craft fairs, comic shops, Etsy, eBay, and pop culture retail stores like Newbury Comics and Hot Topic.

monicamorrell asked you:
Anything Starling/Birds of Prey, inspired?

Nothing at the moment, though I’ll keep an eye out for any Starling-inspired fashion. For now, you can find posts related to some of the other members of Birds of Prey located in the Style Index :)


Send all comics/fashion-related inquiries HERE and feel free to check out all previous inquiries & responses in the q and a tag.

25 November 10

beltosnakes said: Where do you take your fashion photos? (it looks like the inside of a store? They are all so lovely!

Most of my outfit photos are taken at New England Comics [the birthplace of The Tick; as well as my LCS since I was a kid], hence why they’re taken almost every Wednesday.

I’m eventually going to get back to taking daily outfit photos again, once I finish cleaning up my room :)

13 November 10



Gah, I wish I could’ve made it to NY this weekend ;_; I miss you!

4 November 10

Anonymous said: Stupid question and sorry if you've been asked this before, but how exactly did you go about making your Star Sapphire costume? It's simply gorgeous!!!

I actually winged the pattern myself - it was my first spandex sewing project, so there was a lot of trial and error involved, haha. And thanks :D

3 November 10

TUMBLR QUESTION: How do you guys keep up?

So I’ve only been actively using my Tumblr for about a few months now, and this is probably a totally stupid question, but I’ve been wondering how you Tumblr veterans keep up with Tumblr? I honestly don’t get to scroll back through my dashboard too often, and thus, I will often miss a lot of posts that are directed at me and such… so I was wondering if you guys had any tips, suggestions, and/or recommendations for Mac dashboard apps/widgets.

Thanks in advance :)

Posted: 1:26 AM

lisxxor said: Dear Ms. Felon - I think a lot of people had successful Ramona and Scott Pilgrim Halloween costumes because of your awesome tutorials (mine included). I also have the hugest stylecrush on you via Lookbook. You are an inspiration to us fashion/comic/gamer girls everywhere. Just wanted to profess my love via the tumblr <3

Sincerely, Lisa

Aww, thank you so much, Lisa <3 I’m completely in awe of your stellar designs and style too; you’re totes motivating me to restart my Etsy soon :D

Also, I LOVED your Bioshock Halloween costume - that was so awesome!

21 October 10

jdplath-deactivated20101128 said: Aw thanks Bethany! i really love seeing all your projects and how dedicated you are too them :] Also Im not sure If i ever told you I was at a comic shop a bit after SDCC and they had a photo of you in the shop in your Star Saphire get up, i was going to take a photo of the display but they didn't let me. You're even cool in LA! :)

What the what! That’s so crazy/AWESOME :D Gah, I really need to put aside more time to explore the West Coast next year when I go back to SDCC - I wanna go to LA!

Posted: 5:13 PM

penelopemars said: how much does all this usually cost you? o.O

and about the snorlax dress.. where did you find the fabric?!


It really depends on the project, but every clothing and accessory item that I’ve designed and created is actually cheaper than buying clothes at stores, and every costume that I’ve made is much cheaper than buying those poorly-made Halloween variants and WAYYY cheaper than purchasing a customized/professionally-made costume. The biggest burden for me however is time - it’s all a matter of scheduling enough time for myself to make these things, especially with my full-time job and maintaining my civilian identity ;D

As for the Snorlax dress, the fabric was from two XXXL t-shirts that I had lying around, and I screenprinted the face detailing onto it. You can find more details on how I made the dress on my deviantart :)

13 October 10

Do you or would you consider making custom cosplay outfits for prospective customers? Because your skills are seriously NTBFW and you could probably make a killing out there.

I would love to, however in all honesty, I’m an amateur when it comes to tailoring clothing for different sizes - I wing most of my patterns for both my costumes and clothing projects. That, along with working a full-time job, it’d be difficult to take on any commissions, especially if I have to schedule fittings. I do plan to make some clothing/accessories to sell within the next year or so, though - I just need to get my shit together and revive my Etsy account!

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